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We’re proud to serve our clients with high quality rubber products of their need. Our focus lies on individual products for specific needs, large series and custom made products. Our sales department reaches customers in the German speaking area but we deliver our products all over the world.

Our customers rely on quality, punctuality, just-in-time-delivery and on our reliability.

If you are a manufacturer of high quality rubber products, such as seals, molded parts, o-rings or sections, we’re looking forward to receive your message. To apply as a supplier, please accept our Privacy Policy and our Code of Conduct in advance. You will find more information below.

We’ll then send you our questionnaire to get to know you better and to find out if we can work together.

Please note, that our partners guarantee the following:

  • implementation of social standards
  • national labour law must be observed
  • prohibition of child labour
  • payment of wages covering the cost of living (minimum wage)
  • wage cuts as a disciplinary measure are not permitted
  • maximum regular working time per week is 48 hours
  • weekly working time including overtime shall not exceed 60 hours
  • entitlement to at least one day off per week
  • right to set up workers' organisations
  • prohibition of discrimination on grounds of personal property
  • compliance with legal framework conditions such as REACH, RoHS
  • notification of substances subject to declaration in the current SVHC list

KREMER Code of Conduct

Note: Required fields are marked (*). All other fields are voluntary information. Your information is only electronically collected and stored in a strictly purpose-oriented way for processing and replying to your inquiry. You will find information about our data processing here: Privacy Policy.

You are welcome to send us the signed code of conduct. This can also be done at a later date.

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